Flow in the Workspace

The discoveries experienced from flow-inducing activities carry into the workspace. Heightened awareness is brought to getting in the zone – a state of mind which yields deep focus, creativity and productivity. Applying this perspective to the workspace has immediate and long term benefits.

  • Employees have methods to manage wandering thoughts throughout the day.
  • Tools to calm down and stay level after customer satisfaction issues.
  • Replace cigarette and snacking breaks with healthier stress relieving techniques.
  • Heightened awareness regarding Flowbreakers in the working environment. (Examples – Cell Phone notifications breaking a state of concentration)
  • Reduce burnout – Stressed employees are more likely to burnout. These activities provide an opportunity for your company to decompress and reset.

Applying flow in the workspace guides one towards a state of optimal performance – both individually and in team settings. Increase productivity while simultaneously drawing attention to mental health and wellness. Incorporating flow brings mindfulness and efficiency into the workspace.