Offsite Retreats

Please find a sampling of certain themed retreats. Our focus is to listen and understand your needs and then design a retreat adhering to all your constraints (time, budget, activity preference amongst others)

2 hour Retreat (Music Edition)

  • Rhythmic Movement (Bongo Beating)
  • Interaction (Musical TeamProv)
  • Relaxation (Sound Bath)

Half Day Retreat (5 Senses Edition)

  • Aroma Therapy Guided Meditation (Smell)
  • Contact Juggling (Vision)
  • Feel Earth and plant seeds (Touch)
  • Sound Bath (Hear)
  • Mindful Meal (Taste)

Full Day Retreat (Mindful Movement & Consumption Edition)

  • Guided Meditation/Intro to Breathwork Class
  • Assisted Elevation walk on Stilts
  • Conscious Meal (prep and consumption)
  • Contact Juggling
  • PartnerProv
  • Zen Tea ceremony (guided brewing and tasting)
  • Sound Bath