Shiv Chakrabarti

Shiv’s professional career has spanned over two decades of driving business development for energy and telecom companies before venturing into small businesses for the past 8 years. Through it all he was exposed to various working environments and office cultures which left a continued impression of what drives productivity and efficiency and what hinders it.

A start-up venture he was involved with dealt specifically with maximizing human capital and employee development. He took these lessons and embarked on a journey in early 2016 that took him to 41 countries over 6 continents before arriving in Austin in the summer of ’19 to launch Flow State Retreats.

Though his academic degrees are in Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering and Economics, Shiv considers himself a student of human psychology and is fascinated with its manifestation in professional environments and business culture. He is an avid fan of Daniel Kahnemann’s work.

Lee Curac-Dahl

After 7 years of leading technology sales, Lee started feeling burned out and left his job. He felt called to pause the daily grind and create space to connect with himself. Since then, he’s discovered the benefits of accessing a meditative state of mind.

Higher levels of energy, heightened awareness and focus, overall better mood. However, he doesn’t reach this meditative state in the traditional way. He prefers to find flow in various ways – such as dancing & mindful movement. Reaching a deep state of relaxation with the guidance of Sound Baths.

Now Lee is passionate about bringing awareness to flow. Sharing the perspectives he’s learned to guide those interested in leading happier,more focused lifestyles. His experiences have given him insight as to how flow can be applied in the workspace.

Jourdan DuFort

Jourdan’s passion for health and wellness was always quieted by his 15+ years of experience in sales. He exceeded multi million dollar quotas selling software with a goal to be a full time real estate investor. He also invented the 27 second opener, endorsed by Chris Voss, the author of “Never Split The Difference,” which is now used by hundreds of inside sales teams.

Once he surpassed his goal of becoming a full time real estate investor by the age of 40, he quickly realized he was unfulfilled, which led him to exploring his love for empowering people to nourish themselves. He’s finally landed at home with FlowState and is eager to help people change their lives in finding flow at work.

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Ashley Shelton

A yoga instructor and sound healer, Ashley is passionate about sharing the tools she’s learned in her practice. We’ve partnered with Ashley for her calm, digestible teaching style.  Her sessions will guide participants to a calming, relaxed state of mind.


Articulture Designs

Articulture Designs is an innovative design firm and boutique, based in Austin, Texas. In addition to their focus on green efficient designing, the hold space for mindful events.  Articulture’s Zen Garden is an ideal location for a local retreat.